Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My newest blog

I have a couple different blogs. This one is different. This one is solely dedicated to those things that my husband and I are doing to get out of debt. About 2 years ago, I tuned to Dave Ramsey's radio show. Since then, it has changed our lives! This site is mostly a place for us to log and track our successes and trials in our quest to become debt free. We are by no means experts in this, and we are still learning so much about this process. Each week I hope to update this (if not more frequent) and will post a new scripture and new quote from Dave Ramsey.
My goal is to put our goals and sucesses down "on paper". If someone else can use this information to better their lives as well, then that's just a bonus.

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Tim & Cassie Shirley said...

We love Dave Ramsey, too!! It has helped us so much! Tim was in Brentwood, TN a few weeks ago and got his picture with Dave. Tim went by his place and watched him do his radio show. Too cool. I think Dave has lots of great thoughts. The getting out of debt is the best! I love that he is against credit cards, too. Even though I loved my Kohl's card...ha-ha!! Hope you have a great success with him. Keep us posted!!